Step by step
You fundraise of donate

Make a holiday for children! Maybe you give up your birthday or holiday gifts and ask for donations instead. Either way, when your campaign closes, we use 100% of the money raised to directly fund projects that help families and children

Just a few ways people have raised money for us:

Giving up birthday gifts
Hosting a party
Organized sports competition
Established donation boxes at workplace
Provided gifts, presents or other goods
Provided opportunities for free promotion
We send your money to the field

We work closely with our local partners to assess which families have the greatest need. Then, we pool your funds with other money raised and send 100%of it to existing and new initiatives.

We introduce, educate and supervise community social workers
Specialist evaluates child and family needs assessment
Specialists create an individual care plan for family and children
In complicated cases, social networking meetings are organized with relatives and specialists
We propose alternative to residential family forms of care for children and their rehabilitation
We develop parents’ potential through education, common activities and organization of leisure time
We start the work together with partners
We select social solution.

We use our social technologies depending on needs and resources of each community. In some places – we develop and enrich existing social services, in other places – we create new services, provide resources to solve the tasks of social supervision for families with children.

The work starts at the community level.

We train our local partners how to use social technologies better, how to mobilize community and its recourses in the best interest of children. Community helps to fulfill project tasks.

Our partners professionally help families and children.

We develop, invest and control the effectiveness of the proposed solutions. Families and children evaluate, comment and improve social services and social initiatives.

We prepare reports

During and after completion of our initiatives, we gather information about the families you’ve helped, make photos and sometimes pictures to demonstrate that your donations make benefit for vulnerable families.

We inform you about our good causes

We create a public report for the project that we place in the section our projects with photos and true stories of people that you’ve helped. You can share reports with friends through social networks.

But most of it all… your money does THIS
«We do our best, so you can feel how Your
participation improves children’s lives»
Partnership for Every Child team